Ecomnia is a new standard of user acquisition.

Our Intent eCom platform drives shoppers programmatically to brands when intent is highest. You’ll see unparalleled conversion rates, average gross merchandise value and incremental sales.

At scale.

Ecomnia’s Intent eCom approach has automated the user process and optimized it to deliver impossible ROAS from Day 1.

It all starts
with shopper intent.

Don’t just buy traffic. Secure shoppers. Ecomnia uses predictive LTV Modeling to facilitate your customer acquisition strategy which helps to deliver the highest-intent shoppers in the market programmatically.

We identify high-intent shoppers where they are.
And deliver them to you.

A system that does the work for you.

Ecomnia’s platform is as turnkey as it gets. We leverage our expertise in AI and programmatic real-time bidding to connect brands to the right shoppers, drive conversion, and maximize cart size.
No effort required.

A smarter platform yields higher ROI.

We engineered Ecomnia to deliver outstanding conversion rates. Our platform uses real-time bidding and predictive analytics to reach high-value shoppers and drive sales for brands programmatically.


Guaranteed compliance

15 supply verticals

Engineering driven media buys

Exclusive supply

Predictive analytics

AI & Machine learning


Maximize cart value

Managed cost of sale

Drive incremental sales

Lower cost of aquisition

Increase conversion rate

Get high intent shoppers

See what’s possible for your business.

We offer solutions based on your unique needs.
Choose your way forward and we’ll get to work

Select your use case to get started:

Adtech can do better.
We can do the impossible.

Ecomnia gives power back to brands and their agents. We pave the way for them to grow revenue through incremental sales. Here’s how:



Built on a robust data science model and deep knowledge of conversion best practices, Ecomnia’s platform is pre-optimized to maximize conversion rates.



Ecomnia offers a vaulted ecosystem of compliance for all its customers. So your brand keeps its integrity from one click to millions.



We build our business on the foundation of shared success and radical transparency. Learn how our values inform our customer service.

Put Intent eCom to work for your business.


See what program works best for you.

  • Managed service
  • Programmatic access
  • Partner access


Charge your account directly or through a partner. Then, watch revenues grow, new shoppers buy and business increase. Track your balance in real time.


As profits grow, revenues mount and satisfaction increases, our exceptional support team is with you each step of the way.

More than 2,500 brands already do.