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Compliance Coordinator

Compliance Coordinator

July, 2021

Our organization is currently seeking a Compliance Coordinator to help us mitigate risk. In this role, you will report directly to our compliance manager. You will monitor business processes and perform routine audits to identify potential compliance risks. You will also help implement new policies, systems, or controls designed to reduce risk. Since our employees may turn to you regarding advice about regulatory and legal requirements, it is essential that you stay up-to-date with regulatory changes.


  • Location: New York
  • Seniority level: Associate
  • Work type: Onsite

What we’re looking for?

  • Proven ability to monitor business processes and assess risk;
  • Detail oriented approach to routine audits that identify potential compliance risks;
  • Experience implementing policies, systems, or controls to reduce risk;
  • Strong communication skills to help educate employees about regulatory and legal requirements;
  • Curiosity and dedication to stay up-to-date with regulatory changes.

Technical requirements:

  • Knowledge of any relevant regulatory standards or compliance requirements;
  • Computer proficiency, particularly in Microsoft Office Suite;
  • Ability to travel;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Critical thinking skills.

Preference given to candidates with:

  • eCommerce experience;
  • AdTech experience;
  • Startup experience.

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