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Reimagining the future of ecommerce.

Ecomnia is more than a shopper acquisition platform. It’s a complete reimagination of the ecommerce ecosystem.

Customer focused, with guaranteed performance.

Ecomnia uses data, machine learning, and predictive analytics to forge a new landscape where advertisers have an advantage with the customer acquisition funnel. But it doesn’t stop there. Our founding principles guide us in everything we do. It’s how Ecomnia differentiates itself, and how our talent stands out from the crowd.

Our founding principles.

Performance is the heartbeat of everything we do. So we built Ecomnia on a set of core values with only one possible outcome: unprecedented success.

Customers are sacrosanct.

Every business claims to be customer centric. We have taken that dedication to a new level. Customer success is the cornerstone of our business, and it always will be.

We tackle important, meaningful challenges.

Ecomnia delivers on an exceptional promise, and we want employees that do the same. Every day, you have an opportunity to deliver unbelievable results and make an impact you can’t make anywhere else. You want your chance to change the world? This is it.

Achieve the impossible every day.

Our customers are accustomed to impossible results from our platform, so we expect the same from you. Every innovation in history has been called impossible, until it happened.

Cross the finish line. Drive through to completion.

Excellence isn’t optional. It’s our baseline. From engineering, to sales, to data science, we won’t stop until we finish the job. With exacting quality and performance standards.

Shortcuts are useless.

Ecomnia’s leaders have invested their careers in this company, and have built deep subject matter expertise. None of our success has come from cutting corners. We’re proud to put in the work, because brick by brick, we’ll improve the business. And we’ll drive future successes together.

Embrace radical trust and transparency.

We’re too busy for office politics. Direct, honest communication is absolutely vital. We candidly evaluate each other, our business challenges, and our customer needs. Even if it makes us uncomfortable.

Maintain a Spartan approach.

Necessity is the mother of invention. The history of how the company went from bootstrapped to $100MM rapidly embodies the philosophy of turning obstacles into opportunities. Expensive doesn’t always mean effective. If you’re conservative with your budgets and free with your creativity, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Don’t just innovate. Reinvent.

You’re in a position to innovate to benefit ecommerce merchants and alter the trajectory of global ecommerce. You’ll always be faced with fear of change or skepticism toward visionary ideas. But that’s not going to stop you. Paradigms are made to be replaced.

Invest in exceptional people.

When you hire 10x people, it yields 100x results. That’s why ambition, talent, and character mean more than tech experience. We look for raw skills, integrity, and unteachable instincts that make for extraordinary team members.