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The first true shopper acquisition platform.

Ecomnia is the new standard for performance.

We leverage machine learning and programmatic real-time bidding to connect brands to the right shoppers, drive conversion, and maximize cart size.
No effort required to lower your customer acquisition cost.

Incremental Sales

Our increments
only come
in large.

Increase incremental revenue with Ecomnia.

Our platform is designed to be most effective where it counts. We’ll help you achieve impossible numbers for high-priority KPIs like ROAS and incremental revenue.

Conversion rates you’ll have to see to believe.

We guarantee sales numbers that used to be impossible. We’re confident that you’ll experience incredible conversions, larger cart sizes, and unbelievable ROI.

Shoppers see your brand at critical moments.

Our autonomous platform does it for you. With a unique blend of Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics, we make customer acquisition simpler than ever.

Take the smarter path to success.

On other platforms, you have to deal with trial and error. Not here. Switch to Ecomnia and gain ground that you lost from campaigns that may not have gone as well as you planned.

Untapped Supply

Only 14% of world-wide shoppers buy on Amazon.

Ecomnia unlocks the rest.

The internet is full of high-intent buyers whose needs aren’t being met. Ecomnia gives you exclusive access to these shoppers so you can turn purchase potential into real revenue.

An exclusive mix of high-intent shoppers.

We call it the “long tail of the Internet”. That’s where we find the shoppers most likely to convert, with high lifetime value. You don’t have to look. We’ve already found them.

Multiple channels for the perfect blend.

We pull from many sources and a variety of channels, serving your brand to the best blend of shoppers. They’re more likely than any other shopper to convert and engage with your brand. It’s better than hand-picking.

Where we find our shoppers:



Shoppers use common search engines to find products, brands, and services that meet their most current needs and purchase priorities.



These sites offer consumer-focused product evaluations, as well as provide insight into new, high-quality products on the market.



When users begin a search on their phone using their mobile keyboard, predictive text provides auto-complete features for relevant merchants.



Providers offer assisted navigation to ensure user experience and increase revenue streams.



Many email clients offer inbox-level promotions to drive sales.


OEMs &

Browsers often have links to relevant brands on their default homepage.



These apps offer a new monetization model for customers who prefer to pay in installments. Rather than charging interest, they offer promotional opportunities to brands as their primary revenue source.

Customer acquisition.

We connect your brand with shoppers who are ready to buy. Use our managed service or acquire customers programmatically. See results either way

Customer aggregation.

Get maximum value for your traffic. We’ll seamlessly integrate with your platform programmatically to help you get the most out of your media.

Autonomous Platform

Campaigns that do the work for

Get effortless ROI with Ecomnia.

Built on AI and Machine learning, our automated platform makes acquiring customers easier than ever. Just sit back, and watch the sales add up.

Decision making, made easy.

No more trial and error: Our platform is pre-optimized to perform. That means all you have to do is plug in and get results. Our data model does the work for you.

Precision data. Performance driven.

We identify high-value shoppers using a proprietary mix of Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. When smarter data drives stronger sales, your brand wins.

Compliant Ecosystem

Don’t choose
and Scale.

Ecomnia delivers

Ecomnia doesn’t negotiate compliance. Whatever the requirements of the brands we serve or the supply partners we work with, we will deliver and at scale..

Consistency is key.

We provide a uniform experience for all shoppers and brands. So you maintain compliance from the moment your brand is served, all the way through to purchase.

Worry-free compliance.

We believe compliance should be the last thing you have to worry about. That’s why we built compliance into our platform, and guarantee it from day one.

Compliance at any scale.

From one click to millions, we make sure you stay compliant. We aggregate all the shoppers and ensure compliance before we serve them your brand.

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